Do cats ever feel embarrassed?

Do cats ever feel embarrassed? If you own a cat, you’ve seen that look in their eyes before. When they fail an epic jump, fall off of something in the most ungraceful way possible, don’t land on their feet, get scared of something ridiculous – jump 3 straight feet in the air – and high tail it out of the room…the list could go on and on.

Someone posed this question to reddit and people responded with some hilarious stories of their cats’ embarrassing flubs.

cat jumping at screen

My cat just tried to jump through a screen window. He looked at me right after and I think he kinda felt embarrassed. I mean, if another cat was watching, they would think it’s pretty funny, right?”


cat stalking bird

image via

“I once watched my cat successfully stalk up on a bird, pounce, and grab the poor thing in his mouth. He shook the bird around and boy did he look proud. Then he put his meal on the grass, ready to eat, when the bird jumped up and flew away.

Do cats feel embarrassment? Not sure. I do know that my cat sulked back toward the house looking embarrassed, though.”


cuddling maine coon

image via Imgur

My maine-coon gets embarrassed when I pick him up and try to cuddle him if there’s another cat around. It’s like I’m ruining his rep.”


cat with lion haircut

First time I shave my cat, he seemed to be ashamed of the way he looked (the tech did it “lion-style, let a pompom at the end of the tail). He was walking around the walls, instead of proudly in the middle of the backyard.”


cat with santa hat on

Image via Tinypic

Cats also feel humiliated. My wife took pictures of each of our cats with a santa hat on. One of the cats, after having the santa hat put on, refused to look at any of us, and in shame just stared at the floor. When we tried to push her chin up, she held it firmly in place.”


cat covered in flour

image via

“I remember years ago I was helping my mom bring in groceries. While we were outside my buddy wandered into the kitchen and ripped into a bag of flour. We walked back into a giant cloud of flour dust, a brown cat that was now ghost-white, and really embarrassed wide kitty eyes.

You could tell he knew he was busted. I’m not sure if the look was embarrassment or guilt but it was definitely something.”


cat in litter box reading newspaper

image via Pinterest

“I think so.

I had a cat that would occasionally miss the litter box and poop on the floor. The cat would then try to cover the poop by digging some litter out of the box and forming a little pyramid of litter over the evidence. He would wait by the accident until I arrived and then look at me a little bit sideways instead of directly at my face like he would normally do. This cat was a bit of an a**hole and these were the only times when he didn’t look at me with defiance. I loved this little bastard.”


So, do cats get embarrassed?

embarrassed cat

“Only when they learn that their picture has been posted to reddit.”



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