DIY cat litter box

Clever DIY Hidden Cat Litter Box

If you’re a cat owner, you probably already know that one of the many joys of having a cat is cleaning up it’s poo. And the lovely stench and trail of litter that comes along with that.  And yes, that is sarcasm.

You can make life a little easier, and less stinky, with this clever DIY hidden cat litter box.  It perfectly hides your kitty’s litter box, allows them to do their business in private, AND it looks super classy! Well, as classy as a hidden kitty poo box can look.

Uploaded to reddit by evanandkatelyn, all you really need is a drawer unit from Ikea, and a cat door! It’s that simple.

DIY Cat Box Cabinet (IKEA hack)

The “poop zone” as they say, is comfortably hidden in one side of the drawer, while the entrance is on the other side.  It even includes a place to store your kitty poop cleaning essentials.  It’s almost like a diaper station for your cat!

ikea drawer

To start with, they used an Ikea cabinet and cut a hole in the side in the shape of a cat door.

cat door

They then attached the cat door and cut a hole in the center wall of the cabinet to allow access to the poop zone, aka, the litter box.  With a little paint and the addition of a litter mat inside, it’s pretty much complete.

attached cat door

And voila! You have a DIY hidden cat litter box cabinet! No one will ever know it’s in there.  Your cat will just climb in the cat door, and enter another dimension now known as the poop zone.

Poop zone. I just can’t get over that.