DIY Harry Potter Bedroom

This DIY Harry Potter Bedroom is Awesome

What could be more amazing than coming home to your Hogwarts dormitory every day and leaving all your muggle worries behind? I love all things Harry Potter, so I think this DIY Harry Potter bedroom is awesome! Even at 26 years old, I would love to have a room like this in my home. #NoMugglesAllowed

Posted to reddit by user Nibel about a month ago, this DIY bedroom makeover is absolutely magical.

Harry Potter Room DIY

The room includes painted faux brick walls, a starry ceiling, floating candles, wands, spell books, and even potions bottles.

It’s genius how he used a picture frame matte to make the stone pattern outline!  The highlights on the brick really make it come alive.

For the sky, Nibel writes, “I took some acrylics and started sponging them in random patterns after looking at pictures of space.” Sounds easy enough.

The spell books were created by re-purposing old books and taping on printed out book spines.  The wands are chopsticks and dowels covered in glue for the variations in width, and the floating candles are recycled and painted toilet paper and paper towel rolls with LED tea lights inside.

Check out the original post on reddit to see all the details of how this awesome DIY Harry Potter bedroom was created.  It may not be the real Hogwarts, but its magical enough for me!