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DIY Patio to Catio

This DIY conversion of a patio into a catio is awesome!  The project came about when the owner of two cats, Spartacus and Bastette, needed a quick solution to giving the cats a place to hang out while a guest from out of town visited.

diy patio to catio

This project was originally posted to reddit.

They needed something to keep the cats contained outside and also safe from a nearby farm dog. They came up with this DIY catio conversion that uses chain link fencing, plastic coated wire, and zip ties.

catio materials

Here is a before shot of the patio.

original patio

Some of the material was stapled into the wood framing of the deck, and the rest was connected together using zipties.

catio materials

A few blankets zip tied on make for pleasant decoration, but also provide shade to the kitty cats.

catio blankets

The owner was delighted his cats enjoyed it, and even added a patch of grass for them to sniff around.

spartacus on catio grass

Spartacus approves!

You can see more photos of the project here.

DIY Converting a tired old deck to a summer catio