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13 of The Most Magical Harry Potter Home Items

Try not to buy all of these, I dare you.  These are 13 of the most magical Harry Potter home items you could ever have.

I LOVE all things Harry Potter. I started reading the books when I was in the fourth grade and ever since I’ve been obsessed with anything that has to do with the wizarding world.

I tell my boyfriend all the time that I want a Harry Potter themed room in our house someday. So I did some browsing and found these 13 magical Harry Potter home items.

I NEED #7, #9 and #12 like right now.

1. Harry Potter Wizarding World Giant Map Poster

harry potter world map


2. Hogwarts Crest Throw Blanket

hogwarts crest blanket


3. Room of Requirement Tin Sign

room of requirement sign


4. I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good Shot Glass

harry potter shot glass



5. Gryffindor Wall Banner

gryffindor banner


6. Platform 9 ¾ Mural Sticker

platform wall mural


7. Lumos/Nox Lightswitch Cover

lumos nox lightswitch cover


8. Alohomora Key Holder

alohomora key holder


9. The Deathly Hallows Wall Clock

deathly hallows clock


10. Hogwarts Houses Area Rug

hogwarts houses area rug


11. Mr. and Mrs. Coasters

harry potter coasters

I absolutely love these.  They would make a great wedding gift for a magical couple!


12. Basilisk Bookend

basilisk bookend


13. Hermione’s Time Turner

hermione time turner

Don’t worry, this is just a replica time turner.  So if you accidentally knock it over, you won’t go spinning through the time-space continuum to a different decade and suddenly make your best friend be unborn. (Cursed Child reference…and uh..spoiler alert)